I am based in London but available to travel with expenses covered and enjoy seeing new places in the world!

My offerings are as follows!

Lessons – Private 1-1 – Small Groups – Workshops

I would describe my teaching style as honest, passionate and adaptable. I love to tailor content and structure to fit the specific desires from whoever I am sharing with whilst always keeping true to my core beliefs. I am available for tuition in beginners shibari/rope bondage/ kink exploration and bottoming education. I am passionate about people enjoying what they do but also believe competence builds confidence so its important to gain and practice solid skills – I am happy to help you explore this in a safe and fun and laid back atmosphere.

Some of the things that I enjoy teaching the most

Ferocious Bottoming – Cock Bondage – Femdom/Kink Exploration – Touch and Sensation play – Cathartic Ropes – Rough Body Play

I am also very interested in the psychology of sexuality/ kink/ BDSM and the societal “norms”/habits and behaviours around sexuality – I believe discuss and reflection on these topics and feedback sessions around classes are also an important aspect of learning.

Please contact me with more detail to discuss specifics – my rate starts at £50 per hour for private 1-1 tuition – longer bookings/larger groups = discount 🙂


Sessions – Rope Bondage 

Interested in being tied but don’t know where to turn? Want to explore certain aspects of bondage but never known who to ask?

 I am available for rope bondage sessions for those from the new and curious who want to explore gently, to more experienced bottoms who would like to be pushed a bit further. I am empathic and tender, but also feisty and ferocious, I care about providing a space for play in which the person I am tying can flourish, and feel empowered, vulnerable and respected at the same time. I enjoy tying people of all ages (18+), genders, sexualities and from all different walks of life – please do not hesitate to contact me.

After an initial discussion about what sorts of things you are interested in – we can arrange a session which is really just about you being able to enjoy and experience the rope rather than any sort of bottoming education/lesson. This is for those who would just like to experience being tied!

**Please do not assume this automatically means any sort of sexual interaction with me! Sensuality, domination, eroticism are all things which I am happy to explore with you – wax play, impact play, sensory deprivation and rough body play etc. – but this does not involve any playful or sexual touching from you to me – I do not receive any bondage in sessions. Thank you for your respectful understanding.**

Please contact me with more specific details to arrange a session and for my rates. I look forward to meeting you!

Modelling – photoshoots – videoshoots – shows 

 I have over 4 years experience modelling and exploring myself in ropes. I feel very connected and comfortable with my body and happy shooting from art nude up to more erotic/shibari/bondage fetish style – please contact me for references or with more specific detail for rates – I am also available for duo photoshoots with another model or me being tied by someone else  – I have many talented local friends/riggers and models who I love to work with. Please check out Anna Bones and Fred Hatt from Bones and Rope.


I am able to teach/session/shoot from my home which has a suspension point in south west London or Anatomie Studio which has multiple suspension points and is available for hire at very reasonable rates.